Quest Log: The End

A NEW MOON; A NEW AGE. Speculation on the origin of a new moon in the sky has led to unrest among the citizens of Ritenus. Many have called begun calling it “The Blue Dawn,” due to its tendency to hover near the horizon at both day and night. The High Council has not yet released a statement on the connection between the new moon and a recent invasion of the Library of Jakardia by a White Dragon (now missing). But one thing is for certain: the strange fluctuations in magic seem to have decreased, crops are flourishing, and the wars that seemed to grow by the day have suddenly ceased. While the Dragonborn Empire claims this to be Ouranos’s reincarnation, the religion has splintered into…

Hannah’s Game: In the Library
A party prepares the enter the library’s main floor, with the Intelligence Six’s clone, two priests, and the World Dragon Egg in tow. Problem: the Hellwasps are inside the library and they need to go up four floors to get to the Belltower where the ritual takes place. They solve Goblin riddles to unlock a safe where the Zapper Field is contained, a device that was designed to stun anyone who crosses the border of the library’s exterior for 10 minutes.
Isma flips the switch on the Zapper Field and all of the party except Asterion is stunned. The Intelligence Six’s clone heals the party and tries to flee, but is caught a second time. The party organizes themselves and ascends before their 10 minutes runs out and the Hellwasps break free from the stun. The Plan: Duar carries the egg Asterion is back-up for the egg Fattus Cattus to scout ahead Goldstar defends the priests Isma for ranged attacks (back line) Klag can fight anyone as long as they are 5 ft from the enemy Int Six to be dragged along

Lower Level of the Library:
A cool, dry air smells of old parchment paper in the echoing room before you. Endless stacks of books reaching 30 ft above your head tower in dark rows beyond. Platforms hover at different locations along the stacks, each one hanging from tracks in the ceiling. In the distance, yellow desklamps curve over polished wooden tables made for standing height, just above a Goblin’s eye level. You hear a ticking sound from the walls and the sound of water trickling in a fountain beyond, but everything else is in silence.
Main Floor:
White marble floors are painted with the shards of color from the light flooding in from stained glass windows that stretch from floor to ceiling. Even the bookshelves have been painted white to hold onto this illusion of a shifting aurora. But this illusion is broken when you glance around the space. Half of the windows have shattered, leaving behind only the metal casements that held them. The carapaces of stunned hellwasps blacken the floor, an insult to the perfect sacrament to the beauty of knowledge. A figure made of glass leaps down from the top of a bookshelf and pierces the body of a stunned hellwasp with a sharp ringing noise. When it turns to look at you with clear, sightless eyes, it mouths unheard words, then bends to pounce again on the next wasp. The war has begun.
The party takes out a few stunned hellwasps, then ascends to the top floor and races to a ladder leading up to the belltower in the last two minutes before the stun ends.
The party finds the Super Awesome Defense System in place where the bell would be in the belltower: it is a 20×20 foot steel ball with an entry hatch on the outside. Once closed, it can only be opened from the inside. The party lets the priests begin the ritual (but do not close the hatch door) as the remaining Hellwasps within the Zapper Field awaken and attack. They make a break for the open hatch, where Klag defends it with his life on the line, only for Fattus Cattus to dive behind him to slam it shut, trapping the priests inside with no way to communicate with them. A giant Duar Penrose slashes through the swarms while Isma makes ranged attacks, the glass golems barely making a dent in their numbers and Asterion charging through with battleaxe in hand. The wasps begin to crawl over the SAD System and heat it up with their wings. The metal shell reaches the boiling point of water before the party is able to cut down their numbers enough to let it cool down. The party opts to stay inside the bell tower and kill all the stunned wasps that make it through the Zapper Field in a passive battle.
tl;dr The Egg Ritual is under way with the Egg safely ensconced in a Super Awesome Defense System with the two priests inside. Rips in the space-time continuum have been appearing in the bell tower it is sitting in, swallowing pieces of weapons and glass golems and teleporting them to other areas. An electrical field is protecting the Library in a massive dome, only visible by the hundreds of hellwasps pressing against it, the sparks they make as they touch it and the limp bodies that drop to the roof of the Library.
Finn’s Game: On the Coast
Along the Western Coast, Yuan-ti ships approach Jakardia. Party members uncover a secret submarine they use to attack the approaching fleet. They take down one ship and damage another, but are unable to stop the Yuan-ti from crashing their ships against the shores and invading from the southern beach.
Defending from the trenches, the party members, T.A.U. battle the Yuan-ti as Egg Effects cause havoc across the field. Penguins, hot sand, trees growing out of ships, and surprise unicorns impede the invasion, but another battle begins. Overwhelmed by the Egg Call, Jerome begins attacking Dave. And the field of battle descends into further chaos.
During the battle, a massive creature emerges from the waves, part gorilla, part yeti, with tusks that protrude from its gruesome jaws. A putrid stench rolled off the creature as he approaches, nauseating all those not immune to poison. Then, shadows grow darker as islands fall from the sky onto the shore. One lands a direct hit on the creature and he shrugs it off. He scoffs at the Yuan-ti attacking and makes strides towards the Library, crashing through glass golems to get to the walls.
Arocle arrives from the direction of the library and helps the defense by summoning a Plesiosaurus. As the creature sinks a Yuan-ti ship and a wall of stone is summoned across the battlefield, Tt’ubokyul emerges from hiding and begins to fight the players in earnest. Dave is injured before speeding off on his motorcycle and sniping Tt’ubokyul some more. Arocle nearly dies from an attack by Tt’ubokyul before retreating behind a rock. Party members attempt to beat up Tt’ubokyul, fail to varying degrees, summon apathetic zombies, and Dave is knocked off of his motorcycle, unconscious.
Athaeos shows up, beats Tt’ubokyul up, summons a clouder of cats and an apathetic water elemental, opens interdimensional spaces, and is beat up in return. The plesiosaurus(which has been moving towards Tt’ubokyul) all along, finally reaches him and starts attacking. After a bit more battle, Tt’ubokyul is knocked unconscious. The Yuan-ti army still seems bent on attacking the library, and the defenses are wearing thin. In an attempt to get to the ritual in time, an unconscious Tt’ubokyul is loaded onto one of the newly summoned giant eagles and taken towards the bell tower (along with one very annoying Yuan-ti who grabbed on).
tl;dr The library is semi-successfully defended from the Yuan-ti invasion. Tt’ubokyul is knocked unconscious and after being brought closer to the bell tower, is sucked in toward the egg.

THE END: The Bell Tower
Raxtusar the White Dragon arrives at a Bell Tower rife with planar chaos. She breathes ice breath onto the SAD System and the priests run out just as the ritual has ended, prepared to offer her the World Dragon Egg at its ripest. Ignoring the defense of the players, Raxtusar opens her jaws and crunches into the egg…
… just as the egg hatches. A baby World Dragon struggles against the jaws of the White Dragon and breaks free at the last second only to be barraged by attacks from all sides. The World Dragon inhales, pulling Athaeos’s Bag of Holding from his side, eating the pearl of the Intelligence Six, and sending out a pulse of light that stabilizes the tears in reality. A few adventurers defend against their own to protect the World Dragon while others strike at Juuquma (Con Six), Adonis (Charisma Six), and the White Dragon (now representing Dex Six). Arrows rain down from an insane Berel Helder, who wields a frying pan and fork instead of a sword. Link casts swaths of magic against those who have allied with Raxtusar while Athaeos strikes at Tt’ubokyul, who has been supported by a Yuan-ti while at the edge of death. Fattus Cattus makes perfect attacks against Raxtusar, cutting into her belly as she concentrates on devouring the World Dragon.

Juuquma breaks down the pillars surrounding the World Dragon and releases his horrific breath. Unable to be poisoned, the World Dragon flicks her tail at him as she faces off against the one who tried to eat her, the White Dragon Raxtusar. An unconscious Charisma Six, Adonis, is pulled in by the Egg Call, away from the Wisdom Six who tried to save them. They slide across the ground towards the World Dragon and the World Dragon takes a pause to consider the new meal before quickly eating them and sending out another pulse of light.
Unable to pull away from the Egg Call, a desperate Tt’ubokyul attacks the World Dragon six times. The World Dragon catches his eye and opens her growing jaws as he strains against her power. With a single bite, she takes his head. His body falls to the ground. Another pulse of chromatic light. The thick heat of chaos magic in the air calms just a bit more.
An insane Berel Helder casts the bell tower into a spread of fog just as the Owlbear Airru, the Wisdom Six, finally is caught by the Egg Call and cries out a plea for mercy. The field of battle goes quiet in the mist as the World Dragon sends a telepathic message to Airru, the only member of the Six who actively helped the hatching come to fruition. The Wisdom Six hesitates for a long moment, then responds, “If this is the best way I can serve the gods, then I will die.” There is a pulse of light and Airru vanishes along with the mist.
While the wild magic grows more stable, chaos is fully unleashed upon the battlefield. Athaeos and Goldstar, the only two paladins among the party members, face off against one another. Kovri and Isma defend the World Dragon as Juuquma cuts through the adventurers, calling out, “Not if I can eat everything first!” as they try to impede his meal. Athaeos casts a pall of fear over the field of battle. Some break free and try to continue the battle, but Juuquma makes a horrific belching roar that sickens everyone within 30ft. Goldstar, sickened by the Con Six’s attacks, falls to Athaeos’s sword, his soul only kept intact thanks to his devotion to his god even while he tries to save himself from death. Dire wolves appear in the field of battle and begin attacking the World Dragon alongside the barbarian centaur, Asterion.
Nearing the edge of death, the World Dragon emits a fearful aura that stops everyone in their tracks. Raxtusar is unaffected by the aura and the World Dragon sends out a telepathic plea to all in the vicinity: “Help me live. I have waited so long to live, please give me this one chance to make the world right.” Link, Fattus Cattus, Uustan, Kovri, and Isma accept her plea for help and are released from the grip of fear that holds them and attack Juuquma. The World Dragon speaks to the White Dragon, saying sacrifice is necessary for her to live and sends her a telepathic vision of serenity, an image she holds for the future. The White Dragon Raxtusar asks if there is any alternative to her dying as a sacrifice to the World Dragon. The World Dragon pauses, then nods. Raxtusar feels the pull of the Egg Call once again, but it passes by her and reaches into the void of planes. Pulled from another reality, the goddess Yl appears. A crooked-backed figure turns to the players and smiles. And the World Dragon devours her.
Two dice roll along the ground, fallen from the goddess’s hands. A pulse of light. The monster Juuquma roars. Finally, the rifts that divided the adventurers are no longer valid as Raxtusar and the World Dragon work together to defeat Juuquma, the Eater. One final blow from Uustan the Centaur pierces straight through Juuquma’s ear to splatter his brains against a pillar. After devouring the foul beast, the World Dragon sends out a final pulse of light that explodes the Bell Tower above them. She grows larger and larger as she rises into the sky and curls into a ball in the upper atmosphere of Ritenus’s sky, a new moon to stabilize the world.
tl;dr The Six fail to devour the egg before it hatches. The players almost decimate each other instead of the Six. The World Dragon allies with Raxtusar, the White Dragon, and eats the goddess Yl in her stead. The original Six who struck terror into the hearts of the citizens are now dead. No one saw where the Intelligence Six’s clone went and Raxtusar the White Dragon lives another day.The World Dragon sleeps as a new moon above Ritenus.