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Spoiler Alert is a book review blog for teens by teens. You must be a Belmont Library Cardholder to submit reviews.

This is the ultimate blog for teens who want to scream about the ending of their favorite (or least favorite) books. Some rules:

  • All participants are anonymous. Our writers are teens who both love the YA genre and want to maintain privacy for their parents’ sake and their own. Please do not ask for the personal information of any of our contributors. Instead, check out our Bookstagram, @belmontya!
  • Don’t be a sore thumb. There will be screaming and gifs and memes and fandom explosions all over this blog. We LOVE the things we read and want to get mad or ecstatic or argue for the characters we think deserve a happy ending. It’s all in this basket, so watch out.
  • There will also be spoilers. (SURPRISE)

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