The library will be closed at all locations on Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day. Operations will resume on Tuesday, May 28 at 9am.
The library's temporary locations are at the Beech Street Center and the E.C. Benton Library. For more information, including hours of operation, please click here.

Temporary Space Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the library closing?

We are going to build a new library. The residents of Belmont voted in 2022 to build a brand new library.

When is the library closing?

The final day of library service in the current building was Wednesday, November 22, 2023. We are now in the process of moving.

How long will the library be closed?

We will be packing up and moving in Mid-December. We will be closed for a few weeks but are offering a few limited services, even when while closed.

What services are offered at temporary spaces?

All of them. We will be fully operational in our temporary spaces after the move in Mid-December. During the building project we’ll have less materials available on hand, and will see a decrease in programming offerings, but none of our services will be going away. We will still have access to all materials in the Minuteman Library Network (over 6 million items) and we will continue to offer you as much programming as we can.

Wait, what services will be offered in temporary space specifically though?


In Each Location

  • Adult and Young Adult Reference & Materials, Circulation, and Programming at the Beech Street Center (266 Beech St.)
  • Children’s Reference, Circulation, and small scale programming at the Benton Library (75 Oakley Rd.)
  • Staff Offices and General Storage at the Chenery Upper Elementary School

Starting When

  • Now! Come visit us!

What is the best way for me to keep up to date on library services?

Download the Minuteman Library Network App on your mobile devices, bookmark our library website and sign up for the monthly newsletter today. Don’t forget to call our Library Hotline (617-993-2871) with any questions.

Where will the library be going?

We will be moving into multiple locations during the building project. Our Children’s Services will be at the Benton Library (75 Oakley Rd.), our Young Adult & Adult Services will be at the Beech Street Center (266 Beech St.), and our nonpublic services will be at the Chenery Elementary School. Thanks so much to all of our community partners.

Can I only go to one of the locations?

The Beech Street Center and Benton Library will be open to the public. All ages are welcome in both buildings, though Adult Services will be mainly offered at the Beech Street Center (266 Beech St.), and Children’s Services will be mainly offered at the Benton Library (75 Oakley Rd.).

Will there be study spaces?

We will have a limited amount of seating in each location. Both buildings are regularly full and active, so will not provide the same amount of quiet spaces offered at the 336 Concord Avenue library location but seating is available. In the new library, we will have seven quiet study rooms, plus many areas for seating, studying, and quiet activities.

How long will you be there?

We expect to work out of our temporary locations until the new library opens in the summer of 2025.

Why is there more than one temporary location?

There were no locations large enough to offer our entire program of service, but with the help of great community partners, we have done the best we can for all.

What will the hours of operation be?

Each location has unique hours; click here for an outline of them all.

Will you have the same telephone numbers?

Yes. You can find the appropriate numbers for each department here.

Can I still reserve items?

Yes. Holds pickup as well as browsing is available at both the Beech Street Center and Benton Library locations. Don’t forget you can always freeze your holds if you aren’t ready for them, or you’re going on vacation etc.

Will museum passes still be available?


Will newspapers and magazines still be available?


Will you still have computers, printing and scanning available?


Will you have a fax machine?


Will there be One-on-One Tech Help?


Will inter-library loans be available?

Absolutely. We will rely heavily on our colleagues in the Minuteman Library Network to provide our patrons with items, as a large percentage of our collection will be sent into storage due to space constraints.

Does my Belmont library card work in other towns?

Yes it does, within the Minuteman Library Network. You can find the full list of MLN libraries here.

Will you have a printer?

Yes, we will.

Is the Beech Street Center handicap accessible?

Yes, it is.

Is the Benton Library handicap accessible?

No, it is not.

Will Kindles, wifi hotspots and other Library of Things items be available for borrowing?


What will happen with the Library of Things?

The Adult Library of Things collection is available at the Beech Street Center (266 Beech St.). The Children’s Library of Things collection is available at the Benton Library (75 Oakley Rd.)

Will there be comfortable seating at the Beech Street Center?

Yes, there will be. We will be bringing some of the comfortable seating from the existing library to our temporary locations.

It will be hard for me to make it to the Beech Street Center. How will I be able to get materials and books?

We have a Homebound Delivery program where we deliver books to your residence. Feel free to learn more about this program and sign up. We will also have a small area in the Benton (75 Oakley Rd.) for Adult materials. You can also pick up books there if it is more convenient for you.

Will we still have homebound delivery?

Yes. Feel free to learn more about this program and sign up.

Where will the Belmont Historical Society be?

Please reach out to the Belmont Historical Society to answer any questions you might have about their operation.

Can I still donate books and materials?

Due to space constraints, we will ask you to bring your material donations to the Friends book donation bins located throughout Belmont.

Can I still donate money to the Library Building Project?

You sure can; to find out more information, please visit the Belmont Library Foundation online.

Are you still going to have programs?

Yes, both in person and online.

Can we reserve meeting rooms?

Meeting Rooms are available at the Beech Street Center, Town Hall, and Homer Building. Please reach out to the Town of Belmont to learn what processes exist for such requests.

When is the building coming down?

This winter, we believe in January/February 2024.

When will the new library open?

In the summer of 2025.

What will happen to all the furniture and shelving?

We will be taking a small amount with us into temporary spaces; the rest was de-accessioned through the town procurement process, including a sale on surplus goods to the public.

Will you be taking all the books and materials with you?


What will happen to the materials you are not taking into temporary space?

We will be storing them away safely for the new library.

How will we access all the materials in storage?

We will not need access to them, as we will have the 6 million+ items in the Minuteman Library Network available for hold requests.

Where can we donate books and materials now that the library has closed?

We’ve created a list of options for that, including the Friends book donation bins.

Where can I donated used glasses?

Are there going to be any community meetings about the library project?

Yes. Many. All of our Board Meetings and Committee Meetings are also open to the public.

What is the library project cost?

Please refer to the project page here.

How much funding was raised for the library project?

We are on track to meet our commitment to contribute $5 million to the project.

Who is in charge of all of this?

YOU ARE. This project was brought forward by Belmont residents, designed and approved by Belmont residents. You are on our Trustee Board, our Building Committee, and many of you are library employees. This project was homegrown, created and brought to life by Belmont. You are in charge. If you have ideas and feedback, please reach out to our Library Director. He works for you, he is your employee. He is a great listener, so-so chess player and he is available anytime.

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