We Want to Hear From You

How do you think we are doing in our temporary spaces?

Spring has sprung and the Library has found its groove in our temporary spaces. As the building is taken down and the groundbreaking approaches, we settled into our new homes and routines this winter, and are already gearing up for summer and beyond.
While the new building will be here before you know it, we’ll be in our temporary homes for another year or so. Please let us know how you think we are doing.
How are the hours?
How do you like the setup?
Have you had a chance to come to a program lately?
Are you finding parking ok?
What would you like to see more of?  

Please share your thoughts with us in whatever way you’d prefer:  
Send a note to our Library Director, Peter Struzziero, at [email protected]
Share feedback through our website (here)
Drop a note in one of our suggestion boxes in person.

We can’t promise sweeping changes in any direction one way or the other, but your feedback is valuable. We promise to consider your feelings and ideas, and do anything within our ability to improve your experience as we prepare to watch our new library be built.