The library's temporary locations are at the Beech Street Center and the E.C. Benton Library. For more information, including hours of operation, please click here.

Public Records Requests

To file a Public Records Request, please click to reach Belmont’s Public Records Request website.  You will be able to file a new request for public records and review records that have already been published.  Please click “Search” to review documents that have been released and public record requests that have already been filed or click “Make a Request” to file a new request.  Per MGL, Chapter 66, Section 10, and Acts of 2016, Chapter 121, the Town will respond to your request within ten (10) business days.  Here is A Guide to Massachusetts Public Records Law , January 2017, published by William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Division of Public Records.

The law allows for anonymous requests – if you do not want to enter your name, the best method is to use/create an email account that does not indicate your identity and enter that email address into your request.  This will allow you to receive all communication and documents related to your request without revealing your identity.  Our communication to you will be hampered if you do not give us an email address.

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