Featured E-Resources


Lynda.com is a very helpful resource for learning about technology, business, and other topics.  Lynda.com offers more than 4,500 courses, taught by industry experts, who break down their subject into short and understandable video “segments.”  You set the pace yourself, watching an entire course, or just the segment(s) that interest you.  And through the library’s website, you have at-home access.  Just have your library card number handy. The very first time, you’ll create a Lynda.com account.

Find it by going to Services > E-Resources > Subject Guide > Science & Technology on our website.


Value Line can help you make more informed investing decisions.  Unique features of Value Line include a “Timeliness” ranking, that indicates when a stock may be worth purchasing or selling, and a “Safety” ranking that indicates a stock’s riskiness.  You can also find a list of “Timely Stocks in Timely Industries,” investment strategy guidance, in-depth analysis for approximately 1700 stocks, and more.  Those familiar with the print edition will find the same information online, published several days earlier than the print edition.  Find it at: Services > E-Resources > Subject Guide > Business & Career.


ReferenceUSA is a great resource to help entrepreneurs find out about their competition.  For example, you can generate a list of businesses for a particular industry, in a given geographic area.  Or, simply look up a company by name.  Information provided, can vary by company, but typically includes SIC and NAICS codes, executive name, credit rating, sales volume, number of employees, and more.

And by the way, if you happen to need a (land line) phone number, you can use ReferenceUSA’s US Standard White Pages option.  Find it at Services > E-Resources > Subject Guide > Business & Career.