Belmont Story Project

Logo of Belmont Story Project (book with headphons and microphone)

The Belmont Story Project (BSP) is a local, oral-history recording project, modeled after NPR’s StoryCorps.  Whether you’ve lived in Belmont for six months, or six decades, your story matters, and we’d love to add your voice to the collection.

Get Inspired

Listen to audio recordings in the Belmont Story Project and NPR’s StoryCorps.

Another good source of inspiration is StoryCorps’ The Great Thanksgiving Listen.  Hint: Scroll down to the “The Great Thanksgiving Listen Podcast.”  This project–a spin off of StoryCorps–is creating a repository of home-recordings, of a young person interviewing an elder, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Prepare to Record Your Story

Choose a friend or family member you’d like to interview, or have interview you.  If you need help finding an interviewer, see “Finding an Interviewer” below.

Select Questions.  Interviewers and interviewees may want to select some questions together, so that you are sure to cover the material you want to cover. You can find a list of sample questions at Great Questions from StoryCorps.  These include questions on friendship, family, growing up, love, work, war, remembering a loved one, and more.  We have also come up with a list of Belmont-related History Questions for an interview about Belmont history.

This printable Belmont Story Project Handbook, includes sample questions and helpful tips.

Make an Appointment

To schedule your interview at the Belmont Media Center, contact Patty Mihelich at [email protected].  To schedule your interview at the Belmont Public Library, contact Nancy McColm at [email protected]

Still Have Questions?

If you would like more information about BSP, contact Belmont Citizen-Herald and WickedLocal Belmont editor, Joanna Tzouvelis at [email protected], or call Nancy McColm at 617-993-2870.

Finding An Interviewer

If you would like help finding an interviewer, contact Belmont Citizen-Herald and WickedLocal Belmont editor, Joanna Tzouvelis at [email protected].  Note: You can also volunteer to become one of our interviewers, with training provided.


BSP is presented by the Belmont Council on Aging, Belmont Historical Society, Belmont Media Center, Belmont Public Library and the Belmont Citizen-Herald.

Did You Know?

Research suggests that having a strong family narrative can help children cope with life’s challenges.  See The Stories that Bind Us, in the New York Times online.

Recording Sessions in Action

Image of two women sitting near a microphone

Recording at the Belmont Public Library

Image of two men sitting at a microphone.

Recording at the Belmont Media Center