Quest Logs: Jonah’s Game

Jonah’s Game

Date: 7/13/2021
Party Members: Eccu and Tamugum
Location: East Reach

We started having just defeated a group of Kenku cultists worshipping a god named Confractus. They were trying to make a flying machine, and had almost succeeded. We interrogated them, but the lead of the project wasn’t willing to talk. We tried threats and a bit of “advanced interrogation techniques”, but none of it worked, so the next day, Eccu cast suggestion to make him talk and help work on the airship. We then discovered a cryptic letter telling us to go North East. We first went into the nearby town to get supplies and food for the captives. We also hired 2 people to watch over the captives. One person we met was very suspicious and had an odd smelling perfume. After re-casting suggestion on the lead person, we set off to the North East. We came across a large open field with a house in the middle. Tamugum stayed in the tree line while Eccu continued on. (This is when Tamugum left). Eccu snuck onto the roof of the house, drew the person inside the house out and away, then snuck inside. He looked around and found a hidden trapdoor under the bed. He snuck in just as the person was returning. The place he ended up was like a cellar.

Sneaking around, he found several magical items which he needed in order to unlock the door, but was only able to keep 1 in the end. The door opened and Eccu snuck in. Beyond it, he met a cultist in a cloak that hid their face. Confractus, the person the original cultists were worshipping, turned out to be a tortle man. Him and Eccu talked. Confractus knew immediately that Eccu wasn’t a disciple, but said that he would do anyways. After almost being stabbed by the cultist that led him into the room and smelling that same perfume from earlier, he was teleported to an unknown, yellow, sticky place to take care of some “pests”.

What Others Should Know:
There may me a once-thought dead of changing people living in the world. The Kenku have a god named Confractus. He wanted the Kenku to build a flying machine.

Items Uncovered:
Eccu got to keep a regenerating apple. An apple that heals whoever eats it, but regenerates every day.