D&D Super Dungeon

A rift in time has torn open the sky, connecting cultures and species spread out across 2 million years in a handcrafted D&D universe. Two societies will seek the tools necessary to seal away an ancient evil bent on purging the universe of free will: an ancient humanoid culture caught at the end of its cycle in a medieval-era timeline and a cycle born anew with warforged, genasi, and animalfolk pushing forward in an era of industry and invention. Can your heroes fight through time to save the multiverse? Or will the God of Order bring his ideal to fruition? Play any of 70+ games in this summer-long virtual Super Dungeon taken to a national scale, with teens and young adults joining the adventure from across the country.

Theme Masters
Ella Sheffield
Alice Liu

Con Director
Hannah Lee

Funded in Part by the Friends of the Belmont Public Library


What is a Super Dungeon?

In a typical D&D game, a single group of players completes quests based on a written scenario. In a Super Dungeon, multiple groups of players complete adventures along a central theme and work towards a carefully orchestrated climactic resolution on the final day of play. All the games operate in the same fantasy world and the results of each adventure influences the final result.

Who can participate?

Young adults ages 11-21 are welcome to play (and DM if they’d like). The benefits of creating a Super Dungeon is that players are not limited to a single team, but can join any adventure of their choice. Game Masters can set their own parameters for who can attend their games, though (ie. ages 13+, only Bards, etc.).

What experience do I need?

All new players are welcome! Rules will be explained as the game is played and character creation workshops will help you connect your character to the world.

If you would like to be a Game Master, you will need familiarity with the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook for Dungeons & Dragons. You can write your own adventure or use a pre-written run created by the Con Director, Hannah Lee.

Player’s Guide

Click Here to Download the PDF.


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