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Staff Picks

Here are recommendations from Belmont Public Library staff on popular topics in fiction and nonfiction. See our Teen page and Children’s page for recommendations for these age groups.

National Library Week-Celebrate National Library Week by checking out these library themed titles.

Spring cleaning-Get rid of the clutter in your life with these books about cleaning and organization.

Hollywood-Take a look at what goes on in Tinseltown when the lights and cameras are off with this book list inspired by Hollywood.

Winter Olympics 2018-Celebrate what was at the 2018 Winter Olympics with this list of books about the Games and South Korea.

Football and the NFL-Football fans, whether cheering for the Patriots or not, will enjoy this list of books about football and the NFL.

2017 Top Titles-Take a look at what everyone was reading in 2017 with this list of the top 100 books checked out by Belmont patrons for the year.

Star Wars -If the movies aren’t enough for you check out this book list that explores the Star Wars Universe and our own.


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