Books about Belmont

Books About Belmont

Atlas. Town of Belmont, Massachusetts. Corrected to January 1, 1998.

Atlas of the Boundaries of the Cities of Cambridge, Somerville, Waltham and Towns of Belmont, Burlington, Lexington, Watertown, Middlesex County. [Boston?]: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Harbor and Land Commission, 1903. One of 68 town boundary atlases produced by the Topographical Survey Commission (1898-1900) and the Harbor and Land Commission (1901-1915) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Includes a summary of the history of the establishment of the cities and towns by legislative enactment; a list of statutes establishing or altering the boundaries; extracts from the statutes; descriptions and positions of triangulation stations; a map of the boundaries; and plans of the city and town corners.

Baldwin, Frances B. From Pequossette Plantation to the Town of Belmont Massachusetts, 1630-1953.

Belmont, Massachusetts: The Architecture and Development of the Town of Homes. Prepared for the Belmont Historic District Commission. Belmont (Mass.): The Commission [1984]. Prepared in 1983 by the Boston University Preservation Studies Program.

Belmont. Belmont Historical Society, Richard B. Betts … [et al.] Arcadia, c2000.

Belmont. Belmont Historical Society. Arcadia, 2004.  Then & Now Series.

Betts, Richard B. Footsteps Through Belmont: a historical walking tour of the town. [Belmont, Mass.]: R.B. Betts, 1985.

Betts, Richard B. The Streets of Belmont and How They were Named, including a chronological history on the development of the town. Belmont Historical Society, 1974.

The Great Swamp of Arlington, Belmont, and Cambridge: an historic perspective of its development, 1630-2001. Alewife Watershed Trust; compiled by Sheila G. Cook. Cambridge, Mass.: The Author, c2002.

Kahane, Ernest. The History of the Belmont Public Library 1868-1975. [197-?].  Includes a list of Belmont Public Library Trustees and Belmont Public Librarians. “Cost of publication defrayed by the Atkins-Wrisley Fund, Belmont Public Library”

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