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Policy for Disposal of Surplus Items

Belmont Public Library Policy for Disposal of Surplus Items

(This policy complies with Massachusetts General Law, chapter 30B, section 15 which requires that municipalities adopt written procedures to dispose of supplies and equipment valued at less than $10,000.)


I. Purpose

In connection with the demolition of The Belmont Public Library (BPL) facility in anticipation of construction of a new library, the BPL Board of Library Trustees (Trustees) may find it necessary to dispose of materials, furniture, equipment and/or other tangible surplus materials that are no longer needed or useful. This policy outlines the process to be followed in the disposition of surplus items. It is the intent of this policy to require the establishment of reasonable control over usage, surplus and obsolete material generation, handling, sale and disposal. This policy applies to all surplus items having resale or salvage value of less than $10,000. This policy only applies to disposal of surplus property in connection with the
demolition of the current library facility, and transition into the new library.

II. Statutory Authority

Massachusetts General Laws c30B, §15 provides for a governmental body to dispose of tangible supply, no longer useful to the governmental body but having resale or salvage value. These rules apply to all tangible surplus materials, including, but not limited to, furniture, computer equipment, machinery, books, recordings, and other materials and items.

III. Administration

This policy and the procedures hereunder shall be implemented by and through the Trustees,
their designee(s).

IV. Procedures

A. Designation and Approval of Surplus Items having resale or salvage value regardless of dollar amount but less than $10,000.

  • Tangible surplus items owned by the Belmont Public Library shall be sold or otherwise disposed of in accordance with this policy upon the written determination of the Trustees or their designee(s).
  • The Trustees or their designee(s) shall work with appropriate Town officials to coordinate the sale or disposal of surplus items.
  • All surplus items musts be disposed of in “as is” condition.
  • Items should be first made available to the School Department and other Town Departments.
  • If there is no interest, items may then be offered to other public libraries, municipalities, or nonprofit organizations via a ‘listserve’ (or by email, blog, or website) if the Trustees or their designee(s) deem it appropriate. Surplus items may be disposed of at less than fair market value to another governmental agency or any organization that has an IRS tax exempt status by reason of its charitable nature.
  • Remaining surplus items shall thereafter be junked, scrapped or otherwise disposed of at the Trustees or their designee(s) discretion.
  • As a Green Community reuse and recycling is strongly encouraged.

B. Additional information

  • All payments shall be payable to the Town of Belmont and monies received will be deposited to the Town account.
  • Under no circumstances shall an employee take an item or offer it for sale unless approved by the Trustees or their designee(s). Removal of surplus materials without approval may be considered theft and result in disciplinary action.


Board of Library Trustees

By: Kathleen Keohane, Co-Chair

Established 12/14/2023

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