Exhibit and Display Policy




The Board of Library Trustees has established the following policy for use of exhibit and display areas in the Library.  The Belmont Public Library uses display cases and designated exhibit areas to further its goals of life-long learning and the enhancement of cultural and leisure activities. Priority for displays is given to library activities, then to exhibitors living or working in the Town.


Individuals or groups may use display cases and exhibit areas subject to following conditions:


  1. The Library Director or designee must approve all materials for display or exhibit. The individual or organization responsible must provide background information at the time an application (see attached) is submitted. Exhibits by commercial entities are permitted only with prior approval of the Board of Library Trustees.


  1. Exhibits and displays must be informational and/or cultural in nature; those in the Jane Gray Dustan Children’s Room must be of interest to and appropriate for children. Partisan or sectarian materials are not permitted. As the Library endeavors to present a broad spectrum of ideas and variety of viewpoints, material exhibited does not necessarily represent the view or imply the endorsement of the Library Trustees, administration, or staff.


  1. All items exhibited are done so at the owner’s risk. The Library assumes no responsibility for security against theft or damage of any displayed material. Exhibitors, who must sign a release form to this effect, are asked to check their own insurance policies regarding theft or damage.


  1. Exhibits must have a title poster announcing the topic and the sponsoring individual or group. Additional explanatory material, labels, programs, and handouts require approval by the director/designee. Admission fees, price lists and sales information are not permitted. The use of special lighting, A/V material or electronic media must be noted on the application and approved by the director/designee.


  1. Exhibit space is available for one calendar month. In consultation with the Director/designee you will set times for exhibit/display installation and removal advance. Space in the Jane Gray Dustan Children’s Room is available for a one week period at the discretion of the Children’s Room staff in accordance with accepted procedure.


  1. Exhibitors are responsible for properly displaying their items and for providing

the needed tools and wire. Picture molding hooks and fish line or wire must be used; the use of thumbtacks, nails or adhesives is prohibited. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage to Library property.


  1. Exhibitors are encouraged to publicize exhibits in the local press after submitting all such releases to the director/designee for approval at least 3 weeks prior to publication. Mention of the Belmont Public Library in the publicity must be limited to stating viewing dates, times and location.


  1. Any reception or related activity must have the express consent of the director/designee.


  1. The exhibitor or a responsible party representing the exhibitor must sign the application form and assume responsibility for compliance with this policy. The Library reserves the right to remove an exhibit if it interferes with the normal operation of the Library.



Exhibit and Display Areas


Wall Space –

Main level corridor (limited space)

Lower level corridor

Assembly Room

Flett Room


Display Cases – 18 X 18 X 24 inches

Main level corridor – 1 case

Jane Gray Dustan Children’s Room – 1 case


Corner cabinet

Jane Gray Dustan Children’s Room – 1 case under circulation desk


Other space may be available at the discretion of the Library Director.