The library will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 21.

Library Building Project

Building Committee Members

Name Title  Street Address Email Address Appointed
Clair Colburn Chair 34 Centre Ave [email protected] January 2018
Stephen Sala Secretary 20 School Street [email protected] January 2018
Sally Martin Treasurer 29 Oak Street [email protected] January 2018
Jenny Fallon Committee Member 30 Richardson Road [email protected] January 2018
Robert McLaughlin Committee Member 81 Wellesly Road [email protected] January 2018
Kathy Keohane Committee Member 19 Rutledge Road [email protected] January 2018
Heli Tomford Committee Member 72 Pinehurst Road [email protected] January 2018
Bart Nelson Committee Member   [email protected] January 2018
Steve Engler Committee Member 65 Bay State Road [email protected] January 2018
Marcie Schorr Hirsch Committee Member 64 Old Middlesex [email protected] January 2018
Robert Schafer Committee Member  161 Lewis Road [email protected] January 2018
Peter Struzziero Staff Liason Belmont Public Library [email protected]           N/A

Our Building Committee was appointed by Town Moderator Mike Widmer at the end of 2017. In 2018 the committee worked to hire Daedalus Projects as our Owners Project Managers and Oudens Ello Architecture as our Architecture Firm.

In February of 2019 The Chairs of our Library Trustees and Building Committee presented these slides as an update to the Board of Selectmen, showing the path forward.

We will host our 4th open public forum on Wednesday March 13th at 7:00pm in our Library Assembly Room, to continue the dialogue on the path forward with citizens.

Building Committee Meetings