Library Latest -July 18, 2023

Belmont Public Library presents Library Latest

 July is Disability Pride Month! Did you know that the first ever Disability Pride Day was held in Boston in 1990 the same year the Americans with Disabilities Act became a law? Explore more books about trailblazing activists and stories that center the lives of people with a variety of disabilities. 





Prefer eBooks and audiobooks… 

Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century eBook | audiobook

Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space eBook | audiobook

We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation eBook | audiobook

Sitting Pretty: The View from My Ordinary Resilient Disabled Body eBook | audiobook

What Doesn’t Kill You: A Life with Chronic Illness – Lessons from a Body in Revolt eBook | audiobook

Demystifying Disability: What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an Ally eBook | audiobook

Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice eBook | audiobook

Year of the Tiger: An Activist’s Life eBook | audiobook

The Kiss Quotient eBook | audiobook

Good Kings Bad Kings eBook | audiobook

Bet on It eBook | audiobook

Starling Days eBook | audiobook

So Lucky eBook | audiobook

A Room Called Earth eBook | audiobook