Graphic Novel: Amulet Books 1-3

Below are summaries of books 1-3 with SPOILERS!

Amulet: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi 

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Our story begins with two siblings Emily and Navin and their mother and father. On the family’s way home, they get into a tragic accident and their father dies. After a two-year time jump and the disappearance of their grandpa, our characters move to their grandpa’s strange large house. Our protagonist Emily puts her hand on a scanner and it reveals an amulet on a necklace. The mother gets taken by a monster which leads the siblings to chase and end up at a strange house that feels alive. On their way, they meet with an elve that tries to attack Emily but with her amulet and her new powers, she defends herself. A robot takes them across a river to the new house known as the Charnon House. They meet many robots that seem to be taking care of their grandpa while he is on his deathbed. Grandpa Charnon gives some wise advice to Emily right before passing away. After that, through the use of advanced technology and aircraft, they catch the monster that has taken Emily and Navin’s mother. Emily uses her new powers to eliminate the monster but ends up crashing the aircraft into a deep and unknown forest. Our characters regroup and feel safe until they meet the elf that attacked them. With his stone, he quickly rips the monster and two and frees their mother. He grabs ahold of Emily and tells her to join him in defeating The Elf King. Emily breaks free from his grip and he runs away and once again our characters regroup at the Charnon House. With the help of the robots, their mother is starting to feel better. The house turns out to be a giant robot that can move. THE END.

Amulet: The Stonekeeper’s Curse by Kazu Kibuishi 

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Our story begins when the Elf King orders Luger, who is an experienced stone keeper, to join the elf prince in his quest to find the stone keeper (Emily). Our protagonists have just arrived at the city of Kanalis with their robot house. Our main characters start looking for a doctor because it seems that Emily and Navin’s mother has gotten a severe disease from the monster that took her. On their way, they find a fox bounty hunter that seems suspicious but later proves that he is trustworthy. Leon (Fox Bounty Hunter), Emily, and Miskit (Rabbit Robot) together get split up with the rest of the group after being attacked. Emily and Leon defeat all the elves in their ways. Emily and Leon take the subway and find the underground resistance that leads them towards the tree of fruit that can save Emily’s mother from her disease. Meanwhile, Navin and his robots sneak back into their house and deceive the elves. Then Leon tells the story of the storekeepers that lost control. He tells Emily that the stone keepers turned into colossal beasts because the stones took control of the body. Fortunately, the resistance was able to destroy the power-hungry stone keeper except for one. He was a lonely elf and the elders were able to separate him from his stone and they locked him. He blew up the prison and that was the day the elf king was born. The elf prince gets captured after going rogue. Luger finds Emily and Leon in the forest of gadoba trees and attacks him and the elf prince saves Emily in the nick of time. Luger turns into a colossal beast and he rips both arms off their robot house. Emily gains control of the robot house using the amulet and defeats Luger controlling the house and faints because she used too much power. She woke up days later and recovered and her mother has healed as well. The End.

Amulet: The Cloud Searchers by Kazu Kibuishi 

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Our story begins with Prince Trellis finding Luger hiding in a cave destroying his amulet. They get orders from the king to return to the base immediately but they are worried that they will get killed when they return. The Elf King sends out an assassin in order to kill the stonekeeper, Prince Trellis, and Luger. According to Leon, the only way to stay low is without traveling with the robot house. After a bar fight breaks out between Emily and Trellis against the elf guards, Enzo the bartender takes them into his ship and escapes the fight. Enzo and Rico, the pilots of our ship, believe that the lost city of ceilis can be found. While flying towards Ceilis Enzo warns the crew that thunderheads (flying drakes) will take you out unless you are inside. Foolishly, Miskit and Cogsley get taken and Emily wants to go back but Enzo tells them that the only way is to move forward. Our characters arrive at a gas station for ships and they plan to stay until morning. The assassin that the Elf King sent is lurking around ready to pounce. In the meantime, Prince Trellis tells Emily about his father, the Elf King. He explains how the Elf King is dead and the only thing that is keeping him alive is his stone. He explains that the key to bringing peace for the elf nation is to destroy the Elf King’s stone. In the morning while the crew is distracted setting up their ship the assassin sneaks his way into the ship. After Emily and Prince Trellis defeat the assassin, Max Griffin, a stonekeeper , arrives and tells them to board his ship and they will be safe under his command. Max has the location of Ceilis and can assure that no elves will be able to find them. THE END

-Summaries provided by Teen Volunteer, 9/18/22

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