Game Review: Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2

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The game starts with choosing character which is a squid and you get to choose how the squid human looks like after that you are sent to a map for starter guide the game will teach you the controls how to play and how it works. After you finish the starter guide you are now sent to a city with other people after that the game tells you to go to the biggest tower in the map which is the place where you get too choose the game you want to play but since you are still a starter you will be chosen to play the game mode the regular battle which is tram battle and try to paint the most in that map you can paint on top of the enemy’s paint and sometimes get rid of the enemy with the paint shooter. When you get shot by the paint shooter and die you will respawn in about 3 seconds. While playing the game you can start to play other game modes such as ranked, story mode and more. You also can unlock new shooters, roller which is also a weapon, sniper and more. You will also level up while playing this game. You can also play with some other friends and have fun. You may also unlock new shirts, hats and shoes that gives you special ability such as reduce the amount of damage you take when hit by a paint or walk faster or refill ink faster you can get all of these kind of ability’s by buying clothes and such with coins. You also can reroll the abilities if you want a new one or you also can unlock new ability space which is up to 4. I would recommend this game a lot if you like colorful and bright and a relaxing game.

-Review by Teen Volunteer, 9/10/22

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