Library Latest – August 9, 2022

Huzzah! It’s National Book Lovers’ Day! This is a post that was very easy to begin and very difficult to end 🙂 Check out one of these particularly bookish books, stop in to chat with a librarian, or fill out a belhop form for even more personalized reading recommendations! 







Prefer eBook or eAudio options? Find those below…

Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore: eBook | audiobook

The Reading List: eBook | audiobook

Must Love Books: eBook | audiobook

Book Lovers: eBook | audiobook

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill: eBook | audiobook

Before the Coffee Gets Cold: eBook | audiobook

The Department of Rare Books…: eBook | audiobook

Bibliophile: eBook 

On Reading Well: eBook | audiobook

Confessions of a Bookseller: eBook | audiobook

Ex Libris (Fadiman): audiobook

84 Charing Cross Road: audiobook

I’d Rather Be Reading: eBook | audiobook