The Great Library Puzzle Haunt

The Puzzle Haunt will operate in the main library from October 23-October 29. It is open to the public. On October 29, we will release the answers to all of the puzzles.

How to Play a Puzzle Haunt

Step 1:

Name your team! You can play by yourself or with friends. Submit your team name and answer the puzzles here:

Step 2:

Find the ghosts. Use the crossword and box puzzle in the YA Room by our primary display to locate all six primary ghosts. There will be a station by each one with paper puzzles for you to solve.

(a seventh one is floating around somewhere, but it isn’t in the crossword)

Step 3:

Solve the puzzles! Each one will come with all the information you need to solve them. Having a difficult time with one? Skip ahead and solve the others. 

Good Luck Puzzling!

Have questions? Email Hannah Lee, YA Services Librarian, at [email protected]. We can’t give you the answers, but we might be able to give you a hint.