Quest Logs: Erica’s Game

Erica’s Game meets every Tuesday from 5:00-7:30PM. Visit our information page to register your character, read the Player’s Guide and join our Discord!

Erica’s Game: Session 1

Date: 07/06/2021
Party Members: Reler, Asterion, Uustan
Location: Cretus, the West Reach

Our party met with Peak that disgraced Tabaxi who inadvertently let in the being (who went by Varius) into the Minotaur city Knossos during the sacred Moon Festival, where he stole magic from the center of the sacred labyrinth. Peak confessed his memories were muddy and he remembered a name – Adonis. Our party explored Clawport, asking after a batlike creature who goes by the name of Varius (or possibly Adonis). What we found: A Minotaur youth sneaking into a pub hastily suggested that the Matriarchs of Knossos might know more than they’ve let on; after an altercation with a family of three Tabaxi smugglers, we learned that a batlike creature was seen slipping away on a dock headed north — either to the island of Praxlarr or Tulch depending on the schedule; a Kenku in a pub claimed that they too knew of a batlike creature who most certainly set sail off of a different dock, one usually reserved for Belreuit. The party decided to trust the Tabaxis’ word over the Kenku’s and Peak confirmed he had first met Varius in Praxlarr. They left off at a pub, deciding their next course of action – will the party visit Knossos first (where Peak isn’t allowed anymore) or will they head straight to Praxlarr or Tulch or take another course of action?

What Others Should Know:
This fun crew of adventurers has been hired by Peak, a disgraced Tabaxi of the Onyx Clan to help chase down the cause of missing magic from the source on Cretus – the center of the labyrinth in the heart of the Minotaur City, Knossos. The suspect is a batlike being who goes by the name of Varius and who had befriended Peak before disappearing. Peak’s memories are hazy (did Varius wipe them?) and all he can remember is a word – Adonis. Could it be Varius’s true name? After a full day chasing down answers in Clawport, the Tabaxi capital on the coast, they have a few leads to follow as Peak’s hazy memories grow stronger. The question remains, just who is Varius/Adonis and where are they? Will they fix the missing magic and restore Peak to good standing amongst his people?

Items Uncovered:
Nothing so far, but now that we have a strong starting point, we are on our way to uncovering magical objects and items specific to Adonis

Erica’s Game Session 2

Date: 7/13/2021
Party members: Klib, Sage, Uustan
Location: Cretus

We gained some new players and narrowed down our lead for where to follow Varius – to New Keteratonik. In the process of getting information from a scruffy dock overseer, someone cast magic and rolled d30 – and a forest sprouted out, ripping up the nearby warehouses. Then a crowd of angry people came to see what was going on, when some errant bears ran out of one of the wrecked warehouses and began attacking – we still don’t know where they came from. Our team stopped the threat before all of the townspeople were eaten (one was mauled pretty badly). They are being put up by the Clawport Port Authority in appreciation for their services before they head out in pursuit of Varius.

What items of interest were brought back? 
In the wrecked warehouse, we found some cool magic items – boots of elvenkind, a coin of delving, and a pair of finder’s goggles – the latter which may be especially helpful.