Quest Logs: Eli’s Game

Eli’s Game: Session 1

Party Members: Dave and Tilly
Location: The Frozen Wastes

After being sent to the Frozen Wastes by the Library of Jakardia to investigate some ruins, a Tortle was sent to let us know that the Library was being attacked on the orders of a new power in the North: a crazy dragon! After listening to his solilquoy about how underappreciated he was, we decided he (name: Larry) had to come with us to seek out the dragon (who we had to find in the next 60 minutes). After glancing around for goat bones, we found an annoying kobold who said we’d be eaten by his “”big powerful new god.”” Since he was annoying, we killed him and caused a bunch of kobolds to appear and be mad at us. They called the dragon down on us, but the dragon didn’t seem too interested in killing us right away because she had bugs in her teeth and the kobolds weren’t good at getting them out. After offering to give us a favor (not really promising to stop attacking the library with her armies, but close enough), we cleaned her teeth and chose to take the quest she was giving us, which coincidentally had something to do with the ruins. 

After burning a living sacrifice (goat, not Larry), we managed to get inside the ruins without dying. But there is some serious necromancy magic going on, with spells and traps and creepy magical beings and even a little old library older than the Laxavis Wars. Tilly wasn’t able to find out much, cuz she failed magic class and books are boring. So we left Larry in the library and went to explore the area “”Magical Storage: Do Not Enter”” only to find a dragonborn head on a door with a creepy dried out beating heat floating inside a room. The heart mesmerizes its victims and looks like it needs some blood to seem healthy again, so we closed the door on it and decided to take a short rest before dealing with it again.

Anything others should know:
The Library of Jakardia is being attacked by strange beasts and armies of kobolds. The dragon hates the Library of Jakardia because they were mean to her after her request to take their magic scroll. We chose to go on a quest to find a scroll that would make bugs really big so the dragon could remake it into something that would make her really big.

We learned that if someone eats part of the World Dragon, they might gain super powers, but with the World Dragon being dead, it might not work. Deluded by future glory, Tilly and Dave are on a quest to find the “get bigger” scroll so that the dragon might have a shot at replacing the old World Dragon and save the world.

Stuff we found:
The dragon has some shiny bags that make stuff, so we got 2 vials of venom, but not much other than that. We are still looking for the scroll.

Eli’s Game: Session 2

Date: 7/8/2021
Party Members: Gildrim, Kruchurk, Kaede
Location: Frozen Wastes

We were brought in by the dragon to retrieve the enlarging scroll. We faced a beating heart that took one of our party members’ blood and after exiting the room briefly to try to perform a (failed) interrogation on the dragon, we found that it had retreated into a room with poisoned moss and a pillar. We broke the pillar to find the scroll and repurposed some of our belongings to get past the poison and the heart’s hypnotic beating a second time, where the dragon killed the heart and flew us to their lair to collect treasure. Currently at the lair, we’re being attacked by giant wasps and told to protect a scroll that, when consumed, makes the eater larger- but only if they’re insects – while the dragon is fending them off.

What Others Should Know:
There is a wasp swarm that also wants the enlarging scroll, and they’ve found us and are attacking us.

Items Uncovered:
We got to choose some of the dragon’s hoard, including a shiny sword, a bracelet-shield, and dirt armor that turned into a dirt bag.

Eli’s Game: Session 3

Date: 7/15/2021
Party Members: Berel, Dave, Kaede, Rhogar, Isma
Location: Frozen Wastes

The wasp swarm attacked us at the dragon’s lair and managed to take the scroll. The dragon wants us to retrieve this scroll and bring it back, hoping that she can enlarge and retrieve the powers still left in the six and become the new world dragon. The swarm fled for the Library of Jakardia, and we boarded a boat to follow, accompanied by Larry the Tortle and several kobolds the dragon told us were of varying incompetence.

What Others Should Know:
The wasp swarm has the enlarging scroll and is at the Library of Jakardia.

Items Uncovered:
None yet, but the dragon will grant us each a favor if we succeed.