Book Review: Poe Dameron: Free Fall

Poe Dameron: Free Fall by Alex Segura

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This book is about Poe Dameron, a teenage boy who is yearning to escape his home planet of Yavin 4. He often gets in trouble, and all he really wants to do is be able to fly his plane and have adventures like his mother often did. So when a group approaches him saying they are looking for a pilot to get them of off Yavin 4, Poe immediately wants to accept. The group seems a little shady though, and is he really willing to leave his whole life behind? But Poe realizes that this might be his only chance to get off the planet so he accepts. What he doesn’t realize is that he has just joined one of the most wanted groups in the whole galaxy… the Spice Runners of Kijimi. But Poe is already too deep in to escape now… what will happen to him now? This books goes on to show Poe’s adventures with the Spice Runners.

I recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in Star Wars, flying, and maybe adventure. However, if you are a fan of realistic fiction or dystopian like I am, I would not recommend this book. I found this book a little bit boring and it felt a little bit drawn out. Other than that it was a pretty good book, just not my style. The author did do a really nice job of writing the book, and I could see the thought that went into making this book easy to read.Overall I give this book a 3/5. If you like Star Wars or flying, this may be a good book for you, but other then that, I don’t necessarily recommend it. Thanks for reading my review 🙂

-Review by Teen Advisory Board Member, 12/16/20