Magic Arena Tournament for teens! 3/26 @ 2pm

magic the gathering arena logo

This Thursday, we’re going to have our first ONLINE Magic the Gathering tournament for tweens and teens!

What do you need to participate? 1) First, download and install the free to play game Magic the Gathering Arena and work through the tutorial so you can access the full game (I know it’s tedious, veteran players, but it’s worth it!). Unfortunately, the game does not support Mac computers at this time. 2) Have an email address that you can use to report scores. 3) Sign up here to be part of the tournament! This tournament will be for fun and glory, no prizes, but we are looking into how we can have a second one WITH prizes once everyone gets used to the digital way of doing things.

But how will this work, anyway?

We will be using a bracket. I will enter in everyone manually, with your first name and your Direct Challenge Code. You can find your direct challenge code by clicking the crossed swords icon on the upper right of your screen, as seen below. Then, once the game begins, I’ll email the bracket to everyone, and you can grab the challenge code of your opponent to duke it out!

Click on the two crossed swords on the upper right to open the Direct Challenge menu
I’ve crossed out part of my code just for privacy’s sake, but you’ll want the FULL code, username#number. Select your deck, and then enter the code for your opponent, which will be listen on the bracket.
Wait for your opponent to also challenge you, and then play! Each round has 3 matches, so play best out of 3, then BOTH players email me the results.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]!