TONIGHT – Friends’ Series: May is for the Birds

Wildlife photographer Peter Christoph will present several talks – sharing his award-winning images, knowledge, and skills.

This series is made possible by the support of the Friends of the Belmont Public Library.

The Art of Bird Photography
Tuesday, May 14th at 7pm, Assembly Room

Peter Christoph will share with you his epic birding adventures in a presentation that is both entertaining and informative. Filled with lively anecdotes he explains the techniques he uses to capture his intimate portraits of birds in their natural habitat. This presentation covers essential gear for photographing birds and discusses important settings and features of your camera which are useful for wildlife photography. Peter will take you beyond simply enhancing your bird photography skills and share with you his own approach to the art of bird photography in terms of lighting, composition, action, environment and background, in order to make outstanding images that tell a story and are sure to connect the viewer to the subject.

Birds of New England Swamp
Tuesday, May 21st at 7pm, Assembly Room

Peter Christoph will present a narrated slideshow, sharing both his award-winning images and his photographic secrets as he brings you inside a typical New England swamp. Peter provides an intimate look into the many varieties of birds that inhabit our swamps, including ospreys and herons, shorebirds, woodpeckers, and other cavity dwellers. Sloshing and crawling through the swamp so you don’t have to, Peter captures the bird’s many activities including building the nest, feeding their young, and catching their prey. You’ll almost want to bring your own wading boots and bug spray for protection as you sit down to watch this captivating presentation.

What Happened to the Birds of J.J. Audubon?
Thursday, May 30th at 7pm, Assembly Room

Peter Christoph will compare and contrast his own bird photographs with the works of ornithologist, hunter, and painter, John J. Audubon.  If Audubon’s birds no longer exist, Peter will offer observations of what may have happened to them.  JJ Audubon lived a fascinating life and Peter will share stories of Audubon’s adventures. He will discuss his methods of using a camera to document birds and their behavior, instead of bagging them with a rifle.