Online Fraud, Don’t Get Scammed!

Saturday, September 23rd
1:30-3:30PM, Library Assembly Room
Please register online, at the Reference Desk, or by calling (617) 993-2870

Are you concerned about online fraud such as identity theft or online banking scams? Do you hear terms like ‘phishing attacks’ but not know what people are talking about? Are you interested in taking steps to protect yourself and your sensitive data online? This class will give you the information and the tools you need to combat basic forms of online fraud.


Paul Roberts

The course will be taught by Paul Roberts, the Chairman of the Belmont Information Technology Advisory Committee and Editor in Chief of The Security Ledger. This two hour course will review basic forms of online fraud and scams. Paul will then work with attendees on ways to improve their online security including the use of two factor authentication and password managers.