The Library will be closed on Sunday January 20th due to inclement weather, and Monday January 21st in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We will reopen for normal hours on Tuesday January 22nd.

Internet/Computer Acceptable Use Policy



By using any of the library computers, you agree to adhere to the following policy and guidelines.

The Belmont Public Library does not control or monitor access to material which may be accessible from other Internet sites. The Belmont Public Library adheres to the Minuteman Library Network’s Internet policy which states that In accordance with the American Library Association (ALA) Library Bill of Rights and a supplemental document entitled Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks, the Minuteman Library Network does not control or monitor access to material which may be accessible from other Internet sites.  Parents may find that some information on the Internet may be unsuitable for their children, or may not reflect their personal values.  Parents and guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for the information selected and accessed by their children. In addition to this, the library does not monitor any direct electronic communication (email, chat rooms).  Parents should instruct children NEVER to give out personal information (name, address, password, telephone number, credit card number) online. The MLN policy also states that it is not acceptable to use the Internet access at MLN terminals for illegal purposes or to transmit threatening, obscene, or harassing materials. This includes unauthorized access, so called “hacking” and other unlawful activities online. In addition to this, the following Internet/computer acceptable behavior guidelines must be observed:

  • Obey copyright, software and data laws and regulations.
  • Respect the privacy of others.
  • Do not misrepresent oneself nor attempt to gain unauthorized access to any computer system.
  • Do not alter, remove, or damage configurations, software or hardware on library computers.
  • Refrain from activities which may be offensive and disruptive to other users or library staff, including displaying web-sites that may be observed by others and which are likely to be offensive or disruptive when so observed, or making offensive or disruptive sounds, or engaging in suggestive behavior, while using the library computers.
  • Refrain from activities that threaten, offend, defame, or harass other users or library staff.
  • Refrain from use that violates the rights of other users or library staff.

Persons who violate this Internet/Computer Acceptable Use Policy may receive a warning from library staff and/or an opportunity to cease the violation or leave the library.

Illegal activity and/or violations of this Internet/Computer Acceptable Use Policy or other posted Library policies and regulations may result in:

  • Removal from the library
  • Suspension of Internet/computer access
  • Suspension or loss of other library privileges

These privileges may be revoked permanently or for a specified period of time, at the discretion of the Director after an opportunity to be heard and subject to appeal to the Board of Library Trustees.

Violation of law may also result in arrest and prosecution.