Adult Volunteers

*Please note: starting December 2018, we will be putting recruitment for our Adult Volunteer Program on temporary hold, foreseeable until April 2019. If you would like to be considered for volunteer opportunities, you may still fill out an application, and we will get back to you as soon as our program is up and running again. You may also want to check with the Friends of the Belmont Public Library for volunteer opportunities.

Types of Available Volunteer Activities

  • Maintain the orderly appearance of the library – pick up books, push in chairs
  • Magazine exchange bin – keep it neat; week older magazines so new ones can fit in
  • Flyers – copy and fold flyers of reading lists, brochures
  • Helping with library programs

Contact Information
Mary Carter, [email protected] or by phone, 617-993-2896


New volunteers should fill out & submit application form below.
Applicants over 18 will be required to fill out a CORI form.


Adult Volunteer