The library will be closed on Monday, 2/17 for Presidents' Day. The library will reopen at 9am on Tuesday, 2/18.

Belmont Library Comic Con 2020

March 28th, 10 am to 4:30 pm


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Belmont Library Comic Con is a free, all-ages event celebrating comics, as art, as literature, and as a part of pop culture! This event will bring together fans, young and old, and creators for a jam-packed day of panels, workshops, photo ops, and fun. Our comic convention will feature an Artist’s Alley, Cosplay Contest, and a keynote the preceding Wednesday on Graphic Novels and Literacy from Dr. Laura M. Jimenez.

For more information, or if you are interested in being an artist’s alley vendor or a panelist, email [email protected]!





image of Dr. Jiménez with a speech bubble saying "Graphic Novels!"Preceding the convention, we will be having a keynote speaker, Dr. Laura M. Jiménez, presenting on Graphic Novels and Literacy. The program will take place at 7 pm in the Assembly Room on Wednesday, March 25th, requires no sign up, and is free to all.

Dr. Jiménez is the Department Chair for Language & Literacy Education at Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. Dr. Jiménez’s dissertation was a study motivated by questions around the ease of graphic novel reading. The findings have been published in  scholarly journals such as Journal of Literacy Research, and Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy. She teaches children’s literature courses within a literacy program and so her scholarship spans both literature and literacy. Find out more about Dr. Jiménez here!

Saturday schedule coming soon!




Belmont Library Comic Con is proud to include a robust Artist’s Alley as part of our convention!

Artist’s Alley applications are now closed! Check back soon for a list of our awesome artists.




If your question is not answered below, please contact us at [email protected]!

Who is Belmont Library Comic Con for?

Belmont Library Comic Con is for fans and creators of comics of all ages! We will have programming targeted at children, teens and adults, and our guest artists have a wide variety of audiences for their creations. Belmont Library Comic Con is also for anyone who wants to attend – there is no requirement that you be a patron of our library or from Belmont.

Do I need to register? How much does Belmont Library Comic Con cost?

While we do not require that you register to attend, as we get closer to the event, we will have a registration form. This will allow us to estimate attendance in advance and also send out reminders for the event. Whether you register or not, the event is free to all attendees.

Where is Belmont Library Comic Con located?

Most of the convention’s events will be taking place at Belmont Public Library, at 336 Concord Ave in Belmont, MA. Some events will take place offsite at Beech Street Center or Belmont Books, as indicated on the schedule.

What is parking like at Belmont Public Library? How do I get there?

Parking at the library is free, but very limited. We suggest that where possible, attendees avail themselves of public transportation. The library is close to the commuter rail on the Fitchburg line, and the 74 or 75 bus from Harvard station.

Is the library accessible?

The library is wheelchair accessible with ground floor entry and an elevator. If you need any assistance accessing materials in the library please contact the Reference Desk at 617-993-2870. Tables and walkways in the Artist’s Alley will be spaced using ADA compliance guidelines. More accessibility information to come.

Do you have gender neutral restrooms?

The libraries has two restrooms on the main floor, where the Artist’s Alley is located, and both are gender neutral, as are the two restrooms in the children’s room. The ground floor, where the Assembly and Flett rooms are located, has a wheelchair accessible family restroom with a changing table, a men’s room, and a women’s room.





Attendees must abide by our patron behavior policy, which can be found here. Additionally, we have a code of conduct for interaction with other attendees and guests:


  1. Cosplay is not consent. Please be aware that just because someone is in costume does not mean they are comfortable with having their picture taken or being touched. Please ask to take photos, and do not touch anyone without making sure it is ok first. This includes hugs.
  2. Cosplay weapon props are not allowed. While we do know that many costumes really come together with a cool sword, library policy states that items resembling weapons are not allowed on library property. For that reason, we must ask that you leave those props at home.
  3. Be respectful of artists and presenters. Please do not interrupt panels, block artist’s booths if you are not browsing their materials, monopolize their time so that other attendees cannot visit their booth, badmouth their work in front of them, or otherwise act in a disrespectful manner. We want our artists to have a good time, too!
  4. No harassment of any kind. While this is covered in our behavior policy, we do want to reiterate that following someone, threatening them, or engaging in verbal and/or physical assault are grounds for immediate removal from the grounds and will not be tolerated.

Failure to abide by the patron behavior policy or the code of conduct will result in removal from the event, and, if the behavior is egregious enough, a no-trespass order from the library.

We also have some rules for our Artist’s Alley vendors. Download Artist’s Alley rules here.

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