40 Things to Do During the Quarantine

 By Belmont residents Rose Whaley and Elise Goodman

  • Chalk 

My friends and I made a super long hopscotch up and then down our street with chalk. It was so much fun and everyone either did it or made it and had a great time. 

  • Make Videos

I have found that I love to make videos! I like to make a variety of videos, I like to make how-tos, music/dance videos, rountines, and I like to film myself baking like I am on a cooking show. But the range is endless, be creative!

  • Dance Party!

Turn on some music and dance! Have some fun and party! Everyone is doing it; look at the link below:

Famous people Dance Party’s  

  • Yoga 

Lay down your mat and try some poses. I find it very stress relieving. When it’s warm, I like to lay my mat on my driveway with my neighbor on the other side, we even made up a few poses!

Here are a few beginner yoga poses 

  • Make a Fort

Yesterday over FaceTime my friend and I made a blanket fort. This morning I read for half an hour in there and had an awesome experience. It was so comfortable and great for kids. If you don’t know how to make one, I have put a link to show you one way to do it, but try other ways! Have fun! 

How To Make A Blanket Fort  

  • Sew 

I adore sewing. You can make so many things! From making a quilt for Mother’s Day to scrunchies to a handle-bar bag for your bike to making masks to keep you safe, sewing is an amazing thing!

  • Have a picnic

I have taken to eating outside whenever I can. Sometimes I’ll eat on the driveway so I can still eat with my friends who would be on theirs. I find it very fun and relaxing. Just put your favorite food on a tray and I’ll see you outside!

  • Make an Obstacle Course 

Don’t touch the ground! It’s lava! You can only use these stones to get across. But watch out! Some of the stones are unable to be used. Have a blast and make an obstacle course, and switch it up a bit. Experiment!  

  • Write 

A story, a poem, a song, a comic, take some time to write and relax. I like to drink tea and write. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes scary, sometimes happy, it’s up to you!

  • Woodwork 

I made a beautiful bird house and my father has set himself to work making a fence around our house. Have fun planning out and making a pretty creation of your own. Below are some ideas to help get you started:

Beginners Woodworking Projects  

  • Thank Essential Workers

We made posters to hang in our windows saying ‘Thank you Nurses, Doctors, Postal workers, and Delivery workers. Stay Safe!’ You can make one as well! You can switch it up and do it your way! You could also make a card; many hospitals are collecting them for their doctors.  

  • Scavenger Hunt

Look for things around your house, around your backyard, around your local school, think of something and you can do it! Make a checklist and start off. Go on the looking! Here are some chestlists to give you ideas: 

  1. scavenger hunt #1 
  2. scavenger hunt #2  
  3. scavenger hunt #3 
  • Make up a Dance

Your favorite song plus your favorite moves equal your favorite thing ever! My friend and I made up a dance to Sunday Best (the song is below) and I really love it! We filmed it and broke it into different scenes with different clothes. We even taught ourselves how to cartwheel for it! 

Sunday Best Music Video 

  • Origami

I have made a few origami boxes to hold my earbuds, my change and a few other things. You can make a whole variety of things, such as a zoo of origami animals! Have fun! Below is some origami I think you’ll like:

  1. Dog
  2. Ninja Star
  • Movie Day  

Have a movie you’ve wanted to watch for a while? Now is the perfect time. Just sit down on the sofa with some popcorn and you’re good to go. Turn off the lights and it’s a movie theater! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Most Popular Movies

  • Climb a Tree 

See how high you can climb! Have a treehouse? Spend the night! Have a drink in your tree, draw what you see! Read a book, decorate! You don’t even need a treehouse for any of these things. Just remember: don’t look down!

  • Make up Your own Game

Make up a game! Base it off of anything you like! Make it challenging, make it easy, it’s your choice. Make it like Candyland, make it like Go Fish, use your imagination. Play with your family on game night!

  • Home Science

Ever tried baking soda and vinegar? Milk, food dye, and a toothpick? If not, now is your time. Try these out and see how it all works!

Easy Home Science Experiments 

  • Knit or Crochet  

Learn to knit or crochet! Make all the gifts for birthdays, and enjoy yourself while making them. You could knit or crochet while watching TV, or in bed, while drinking tea…try it out!

How to Knit

How to Crochet

Beginner Projects

  • Play an Instrument

Learn your favorite song on your piano or trumpet. Have your family sing and dance along! Have a little party in quarantine and enjoy. Sway and relax!

  • Make Food

Bake, cook, anything! Some of my favorite things to make are smoothies. I buy frozen fruit and improvise. Healthy and delicious! 

  • Exercise

    Build your stamina up! Go for a run. Start at ten minutes a day, and slowly make your way up to fifteen, then twenty! Or, bike around your town. Explore and get to know it better. Whatever it is, walking to karate to dancing, exercise makes a positive impact on your mood, sleep and more.

  • Start a Garden

Last year my family got a planter. We filled it with dirt and started our garden! This year we planted carrots, basil, radishes, and more. This is the time to start your own home farm!

  • Clean Out Your Room/House

I thought I had a bunch of useless stuff in my room and I was right! I ended up filling four trash bags with random junk I found stuffed in the very back of my drawers. Believe me, a clean room feels amazing!

  • Learn a New Language

    I have been trying to learn a language for two years, but I just couldn’t keep my streak up and ended up quitting. Now I have been learning French on an online app called Duolingo for two months straight, and I plan on continuing. I have attached a link for Duolingo. It is completely free, and they also have an app!


  • Have a Quarantine “Block Party”

    Get all the neighbors together to have a quarantine “block party”! Eat out on your driveway and talk while six feet away. Play with chalk and ride bikes. This is a great way to bond with your neighbors and make new friends!

  • Find an Online Class to Take

    Wanna learn something new? I zoomed with a person who made collages, and learned more about that, my friend takes an online comic making class, and my brother now does online chess classes! Although the world seems completely shut down, there are still plenty of fun virtual lessons in session. 

  • Draw       

    Can you make a drawing of your backyard? What about your room? Something abstract? A family member? Get comfortable and create your masterpiece! Are you a beginner? Check out this video:

Basic Beginner Drawing

Wanna draw WHILE taking notes? Check out this one:

Sketch noting

Lastly, try out this fun and totally free drawing program from Google:

Quick Draw

  • Do Something Nice for Your Family and Friends

    My family was all cooped up and I decided to do something nice for them. I went to amazon and bought a pack of thirty-six single sized M&M packets! My family was really happy and if you want to do it, too, I have attached the link to the M&M’s

  • Make a Treasure Hunt

    Write up some clues and have your family try to decipher them to find the treat hidden at the end. This is super fun and passes the time as well. 

  • Do Some Mindfulness

    Find a quiet place in your house, or sit in the sun in your backyard. Close your eyes and start to meditate. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. There are also many apps that help you. I have attached two called Insight Timer and The Breathing App.

The Breathing App

Insight Timer

  • Teddy Bear Hunt

    Put a teddy bear in your window for others to find and go on a hunt yourself! Try to see how many you can find. 

Here is a super interesting video about how it works

  • Do a Challenge/Learn a New Trick

    My class had a week where there was a new challenge each day. The challenges were like doing nursery rhymes really fast and learning how to juggle. There are many cool things to learn how to do. I have attached a few links to get you started.

Learn how to bridge shuffle with cards

Learn how to juggle

Nursery Rhymes Fast

  • Keep a Journal

   Express yourself! Get it out! Keep a journal! Now is the time to start writing in a journal. Many people agree that keeping a diary helps them focus and relax.  Be a part of the Belmont Quarantine Journal.

Here is a video explaining some tips to keeping a daily journal

  • Follow along in an Exercise App/Video

    There are many fun videos/apps that have follow along no-equipment exercises. Here are two of my favorites:

Sworkit (also an app)

Natacha Oceane Youtube Channel

  • A New Way to Celebrate

    Plan a big surprise for a birthday or mother’s/father’s day. You can also make up a siblings day! Bake some cookies, make your own decorations, or make a homemade gift. Stay safe and CELEBRATE!

  • Try a New Food

    Never had Chinese? Mexican? Thai? Order takeout from a new place. Make a new recipe. Be adventurous. 

  • Do Photography

    Grab your camera and start photographing! Don’t have a camera? Buy a cheap disposable one – the link is attached. Also attached, a list of 151 things to photograph – A-Z.

Disposable Camera

151 things to photograph 

  • Host a Netflix Party

    All you need is a computer and a Netflix account! Download the Netflix Party desktop application (for free) and create your party. Watch a movie with friends at the same time, and chat with the texting feature. 

Here is a detailed video about how it works

  • Watch Classic Sports Games

    Sports aren’t in session, so it is the perfect time to watch the classics! Like, when Micheal Jordan hit the game-winning shot for UNC in the NCAA championship in 1982, or when the Red Sox came back from being down 3-0 in the ALCS vs. the Yankees in 2004. If you go to YouTube and enter the game you want to watch and then “full game” there it will be. And usually there aren’t even any commercials!