Teen Tarot Card Workshop

Join Sally Cragin for this hands-on workshop which will include the history of this unique art form and its practices. Patrons will learn the rudiments of the four suits, the significance of the numbers, and the interpretation of “Major Arcana” cards.

After her presentation we will practice some simple readings, and then move on to more complex readings. The Ryder-Waite deck, designed by Pamela Colman-Smith, will be used for in-class readings.
This session is for teens in grades 6 to 12.

Sally Cragin is an award-winning columnist and wrote for the Boston Phoenix for more than 30 years (she started in her teens). Her arts reviews and features have appeared in the Boston Globe, Yankee Magazine St. Louis Riverfont Times and other magazines. She is also the author of The Astrological Elements, and Astrology on the Cusp (Llewellyn Worldwide) which have been translated and sold in a number of countries including India, Russia, Canada, British Virgin Islands, the Czech Republic and Estonia. Her column, “Pet Talk” is carried in a variety of newspapers in Central Massachusetts.